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President of the Republic of Indonesia - Police - PDIP Vs Commission

President of the Republic of Indonesia - Police - PDIP Vs Commission - Apparently the atmosphere got hotter after a case-by-case and report to each other between the Commission and the Police turned out to invite sympathetic of all people in this country, and various comments were alternated from masing2 pros and cons.

Indonesian Democratic Party politician Struggle (PDIP), Effendi Simbolon criticized President Joko Widodo is deemed not able to relieve the chaotic between the Police and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

President of the Republic of Indonesia

President Joko Widodo Effendi judge too quickly becoming president, with no mature experience. He also did not hesitate to call Jokowi as president premature. Consequently, Jokowi confused when there is a conflict between the two legal institutions in Indonesia.

"Maybe this reality also, the leader of the people's choice, which I think is unique also leader of the mayor, the governor, immediately became president. And when he became president, so if you like this start-up is yes please dimaklumin too," he said, Monday (26 / 1).

He said the attitude Jokowi deal with the confusion between the National Police Commission was too reactive and too fast. According to this case should be handled first by the ministers. Current conditions too, said Effendi, it will lower the prestige Jokowi as a president.

"Just sometimes the president himself is too busybody, too fast. Yes let equivalent first minister who handle. Let the authority of the head of state that he was high. So not handle portion, but already there-ngundang ngundang ado here," he said.

"He himself mengdegradasi own position. While on the other hand I also understand, any experience is also crucial. So deal with problems too reactive, vs. alligator lizard that's an example," said Effendi.

In addition, he also assesses the current Jokowi decision is often governed by people who do not berpangalaman. In fact, he called the secretary of the cabinet (Cabinet Secretary) Andi Widjajanto an inexperienced figure who often provide input that is not appropriate to the President Jokowi.

"It was a traitor, do not know themselves, the new kid yesterday but already quasi-set of the republic. The president is also premature yes difficult, which ngatur little boy so hard to set up prematurely, the incubator will happen," he said.

Effendi also reminded the importance to choose the leader of the free-wheeling and populist, but must be experienced

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