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Samsung check how genuine or counterfeit

Cara cek samsung asli atau palsu -  currently circulating handphon samsung who Duplicate, then do not be surprised if many are deceived because many similarities of forms and applications.

very confusing if we can not distinguish the original samasung or Duplicate, here I try to give tips on how to distinguish genuine or Duplicate.

how to check samsung original or duplicate :

  • way through the first check feature original hadware samsung typing code (*#0*#)

  1. If samsung original, will appear under a code code like this, and if it will not appear Duplicate code code.

  1. For more convincing so satisfied, because the creator Duplicate samsung smart partner, then it also can reinforce genuine or fake. still the same way as the first by entering the code too, by typing the code (* # 06 #), it would appear IMEI (353,719,054,175,698).

  • In this IMEI code there are a few digits that indicate no where it came from samsung are made.

  1. With code 00 = Means samsung francis made in very good quality
  2. With code 02 = Means samsung made in Southeast Asia with quality is considered poor.
  3. With code 03 = Means samsung made in Canada with guaranteed quality good.
  4. With code 04 = Means samsung made in korea with the best quality.
  5. With code 05 = Means samsung made in America with excellent quality.

In all these ways the same goal, hopefully you will not be fooled by the many manufacture duplica smartphone, which will hurt you.

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